Our Programmes

We offer a range of carefully structured training courses providing students with the best possible dance education.


Our training program is designed in levels appropriate to the age, maturity and dance expertise of each student.

Students will elevate to higher levels at the conclusion of each year, in a systematic and progressive manner.


Tots Ballet

Tots ballet is suited to children between 2.5yrs - 4yrs.

They will begin to learn basic elements of creative movement and ballet.


Pre-Primary Junior (PPJ)

PPJ is suited to children between 4yrs - 6yrs.

This is a prerequisite level to our Graded Programmes.

More coordination and sequence-related exercises will be covered. There will be greater emphasis on straight legs, pointed feet, posture, placement and stretches.


Graded Programmes -

Royal Academy of Dance (UK)

This programme is suited to students 6 yrs and above with prior ballet training. 

Students will be enrolled to the RAD (UK) Examinations from Pre-primary Senior level onwards.

Lessons will consist of barre and centre work. The practice exercises introduced at this level will develop a strong foundation of physical and cognitive understanding necessary for formal Classical Ballet training.


Vocational -

Royal Academy of Dance (UK)

This programme prepares students for a dance-related career.

These higher levels are accepted as a measure of achievement by vocational schools. They are also highly valued by universities and other institutions offering degree courses and programmes in the performing arts.


Elite Programme

Our Elite Programme, an intensive programme, aims at grooming passionate dancers to become articulate dancers with added opportunities to perform and compete locally and internationally.

Auditions are conducted once a year to enlist students who desire to take up ballet training seriously.


Solo & Group Competition Class

This programme is open to students who aspire to compete and be professional dancers.

Students will attend private coaching to prepare themselves for classical repertoires or dance choreographies.


Yearly School Performance

All students of The Ballet School will be offered the opportunity to perform yearly at a reputable theatre to showcase their hard work, dedication, and progress.

Overseas Dance Immersion Programme

The Ballet School has been organising yearly Overseas Dance Immersion Programmes in countries such as Taiwan, Korea, China and Australia.


Dance excursions to ballet productions and backstage tours were also arranged to broaden our students' dance exposure.


International Masterclasses

The Ballet School invites overseas Artistic Directors from renowned Ballet Companies and Judges from prominent International Ballet Competitions to tailor classes suited to our students to help bring out the best potential from each child.

Talented students in the masterclasses will be offered to join their dance companies or receive scholarships to vocational dance schools.