Audrey Ng


& Principal

Lee Yan Hui

Teresa Chiok

Liu Xiaomi

Doris Thng

We have groomed and nurtured

thousands of students for the past 15 years.

More than 75% of our cohort scored Distinction in the Royal Academy of Dance (UK) Examinations yearly. 

Our students also secured Top 3 placing in International Ballet Competitions yearly. 

Gladys Sim

Ren Chenxin

We possess qualifications from leading dance institutions.

We constantly attend professional development programmes to ensure our teaching methods and curriculum are current and of high standards.

Jovita Bautista

Hao Wan Yee

Sherlyn Tan

Grace Sim

We see the best in every student and take pride in nurturing them by maximizing the potential of each and every child.


Our actions and decisions made are always in the best interest of our students

Supawalee (Belle)

Lim Sue Chee

We are committed to delivering the best dance education to our students.

Nikki Chee

Join us if you have the passion, talent and keenness to make a difference.

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